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CoHR 2007

Carved Herons by Dayton Scoggins; photo: ? Gulf Coast News

Beauty & Grace from Death & Destruction

The woodcarving photographed to the left was commissioned by A.J. Holloway, the mayor of Biloxi, MS. Dayton Scoggins carved the group of birds from a single dead tree as part of Biloxi's rebuilding effort. An article in this week's edition of the Carnival of Hurricane Relief extends Biloxi's woodcarving story to a new artist, Marlin Miller, of Fort Walton Beach, FL.

Just in case you thought everybody down on the Gulf Coast was sitting around feeling sorry for themselves.

Yes, lots of folks still need help to stand on their own.

But lots of folks are already stood up, and helping others besides.

There are as more stories of grit and perserverance than stories of frauds and cheats. More folks are getting on down life's road than sitting on their fundaments sobbing that they've been forgotten.

Click through for more stories about the rebuilding Gulf Coast.

CoHR Homepage Redesign

After almost seventy editions of the Carnival of Hurricane Relief, a redesign of the homepage was called for, and here is at least a first swipe. Prior editions of the Carnival are reachable through the links at the top of the navigation sidebar to the left. Links to editions of CoHR for 2007 can be found at the bottom of the navigation sidebar.

If you would like to host a future edition of CoHR, please let us know. If you would like to submit a post, we recommend submission through the Blog Carnival. We are most in need of up-to-date photos from the Gulf Coast to feature at the top of each week's homepage.

2006 Round-Up

Two projects in addition to the Carnival itself provided some spark in 2006.

First, the CoHR Squidoo Lens provides a quick introduction and portal to Gulf Coast hurricane relief and recover efforts. We're quite proud of it, with the only regret being that we have so far been unable to identify a specific Gulf Coast charity to designate as the recipient of the revenue generated by the Lens. The charity must register with Squidoo to receive the admittedly small amount of money, but the registration allows that charity to receive money from any of the more than 60,000 Squidoo Lenses, not just the CoHR Lens. Right now, the revenue from the CoHR Squidoo Lens continues to go to the Grameen Fund USA.

Second, the special shopping edition of CoHR — CoHR Xmas — was fun to put together and saw over 21,000 visitors since it was first posted on November 9, 2006. We have plans to check in with the vendor pariticipants to find out how their doing, now that the holiday rush is over. If a majority decide that the effort was worthwhile, then CoHR may set up a more-or-less permanent "Shop the Gulf Coast" area.

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