Carnival of Hurricane Relief
Carnival of Hurricane Relief
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Submission deadline is midnight every Monday.
Send submissions to cohr -at- — this address will forward to the host’s email address, and will be reset every Tuesday morning.
Publication is every Thursday morning. If you wish to host CoHR, please send an email to hearye -at-
If you wish to receive an announcement of the publication, please send email to hearye -at- This is not automated, so the email should be in plain English!
The goal of this blog carnival is to keep the plight of the victims of Katrina in the public’s mind, to encourage continuing and long-term support, and to show progress as it’s made.
Posts should be related somehow to encouraging long-term support of relief in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation of the Gulf Coast; for example:
- survivor stories
- partnering stories (for example, a parish in Boston partnering with a parish in New Orleans to help that parish replace lost school supplies for its parochial school)
- resettlement stories
- rebuilding stories
- contrast stories, comparing this with other disaster aftermaths
- aid success stories
- aid-needed stories
- fundraising success stories
- back-in-business stories
The best submissions will be specific, with links or other contact information to enable follow-up action on the reader’s part
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FEMA Trailer Housing; photo: Ed Brenegar
Thanks to Gill Blog for hosting the 14th CoHR!
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Thanks to Ed Brenegar of Leading Questions for the photograph of the cluster of FEMA emergency trailers, used as the illustration at the top of this page. Mr. Brenegar took the photo during a December trip to help out in the Gulf Coast region.
Next week’s illustration will also be courtesy of Mr. Brenegar. It will show why emergency housing is still needed four months after Hurricane Katrina.