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The Carnival of Hurricane Relief has worked for over a year to keep the Gulf Coast on the the mind of the online community.
This Christmas, CoHR would like to take the opportunity to help bootstrap the Gulf Coast by spotlighting small businesses and individuals with goods or services available for purchase during the holiday shopping season.
Our motto:
“One From the Heart, One for the Gulf.”
If you have a Christmas shopping list, consider buying at least one item from a Gulf Coast small business or individual.
To make it easier for Santa’s helpers to match their shopping list with Gulf Coast small businesses or individuals, we are putting together a collection of illustrated webpages.
Each webpage shows a single item from a  small business or individual accompanied by a description of the good or service, a short history of the small business or individual, and links to click through to purchase the particular item or browse other items available from that small business or individual.
So browse the list of shops, and start clicking!
Alphabetical by Last Name
Alphabetical & by State
Circles of Life by Lori K. Gordon; photo and co: Lori K. Gordon
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Carnival of Hurricane Relief —
Christmas 2006 Gulf Coast Online Shopping