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Baby Bug Beads
Katryna High Twilbeck,
Part of a series of hand-beaded necklaces featuring carvings from Firewood Studio.
To see more of Katryna’s work, or to order the necklace show, visit Baby Bug Beads.
Katryna High Twilbeck has been making jewelry since childhood, when her creations were built from pine needles or insulated telephone wire. These days, her favorite materials are wood carvings (from Firewood Studio) and polished oyster shells (from local beaches).
The whimsical name of Katryna’s business comes from her youngest “employee” — her three-year-old daughter, pictured above with Dad. A conscientious beader, she usually strings at least one bead on each item, and always offers her suggestions and compliments.
When she’s not beading, Katryna stays busy with a full-time job as a special-needs teacher in Biloxi.
Carved Hand-Beaded Necklace; photo: Katryna High Twilbeck
Baby Bug Beads —
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Baby Bug and Dad; photo: Katryna High Twilbeck
“Carved Hand-Beaded Necklace”