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Linda Saxon Nix,
Part of a series of Christmas notecards designed by Southern Creations, “A Southern Christmas” is printed on white card stock, and includes envelopes. It is 5 1/2" wide x 4 1/4" Tall.
To order, email Linda Saxon Nix or telephone Southern Creations at  1-228-388-4088.
Other items available through Southern Creations  include magnolia and other floral images, photographs of pelicans and other shore birds, and Biloxi and Mississippi coastal landscapes.
Linda Saxon Nix,a native of Mississippia, has resided in Biloxi for 29 years. An interest in painting led to her use of photography for reference shots. When taking the reference shots proved more fascinating than painting, she switched to photography and now paints “only once in a blue moon.”
Linda also works as a freelance writer and part-time photojournalist specializing in human interest stories.
When Katrina blew through Biloxi, Linda documented the destruction. As Biloxi has dug out from under, Linda has photographed the recovery. She invites you to experience Southern graciousness, hospitality and resilience through her photographs.
"A Southern Christmas" notecards, CNC #1; photo: Linda Saxon Nixon
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Linda Saxon Nix; photo: Linda Saxon Nix
Set of 6 for $10.00
Stock CNC #1
“A Southern Christmas”
Christmas Notecard