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Art by Mags
Margaret Coble,
“NOLA Heart Clock”
One in a series of sacred-heart designs inspired by tattoo flash art, created post-Hurricane Katrina to provide New Orleanians with a stylish way to express their civic pride. Available through art by mags.
Clocks are spray-painted with an original stencil design on a recycled vinyl record. 12 inches in diameter. Includes built-in metal wall hanger. Quartz clock movement requires one AA battery (not included).
All clocks are one-of-a-kind and hand-made. The  final product may differ slightly from that pictured.
Mags was on track to launch an art-n-crafty business when Hurricane Katrina blew through. Evacuated to Louisville, mags returned to NOLA monthly until skyrocketing rents forced her to give up her apartment. She plans to return full-time in 2008.
With a foot in both Louisville and NOLA, mags is a current member of both the Louisville and New Orleans Craft Mafias.
When she’s not practicing craftivism, mags is a music reviews editor for Curve Magazine and a judge for OUT Music.
Margaret Coble, aka mags, is a former club DJ, electronic-music magazine editor,  event promoter, New Orleans Dyke March organizer, and Reel Identities LGBT Film Festival organizer.
Mags likes the term "art-n-craftivist" because her art is also craft, and she tries to infuse her personal politics into work that has been influenced by folk art, 60s-70s pop art, street art, and graphic and commercial art.
While earning a BA in art history, mags fell in love with painting and printmaking. After college and a move to New Orleans, a brief stint as a folk artist was abandoned in favor of music and journalism careers.
Mags and some friends began street stencilling about five years ago. Street stenciling led to her current craft collection combining DIY printing processes  with recycled and found materials to make one-of-a-kind, hand-made clocks, signs, mixed media constructions, clothing and more.
NOLA Heart Clock, blue; photo: Margaret Coble
Art by Mags —
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Margaret Coble; photo: Margaret Coble